Price List

Service Cost
Installation Charge - Wireless Service £149.95 Residential / £300.00 Business
Installation Charge - Fibre Service POA, grants to cover some or all of cost may be available.
Connection Charge (premises connected to our network, visit and router required) - Wireless Service £60.00 Residential / £120.00 Business
Connection Charge (premises connected to our network, visit and router required) - Fibre Service £120.00 Residential / £170.00 Business
Activation Charge (premises connected to our network, all equipment installed and working, remotely activated without visit) £30.00
Additional installation costs / excess construction charges e.g. extra cabling work, internal wiring, custom brackets, digging to premises, etc POA
Relocating main socket / cable move fee £75.00 Residential / £125.00 Business
Moving service to new premises (assumes existing router being moved to new premises, else a charge for new router will apply) £100.00 Residential / £150.00 Business
New Router £50.00 for Wireless service / £100 for Fibre service
Activation of new telephone number £10.00
Transfer in or transfer out of telephone number £30.00 per attempt
Gigaset Phone Base and Cordless Handset £75.00
Gigaset Additional Cordless Handset (inc charging base) £25.00
Gigaset Phone Base £50.00
Cisco Phone Adaptor £30.00
Missed Appointment Charge £75.00
Support Charge (outside scope of service) £50 per hour
Failed Payment Charge £10.00
Postal Payment Reminder £10.00
Reactivation Charge (following service suspension) £10.00
Printed Bill Charge £5.00
Setting up of perental controls / reconfiguring existing controls £50.0
Battery Backup Unit £50.00 / free to any customers we identify as being vulnerable and reliant on their phone service
Equipment / cabling / ducting removal from premises POA
Telephone Directory £25.00 Per Area

All prices listed above are inclusive of VAT.