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If you are within this area, please contact our friendly staff today who will be happy to profile your location to determine in more detail if we are able to serve you. Should you decide to book an installation, our engineers will perform a quick test at your property on the day of installation to confirm your property can be served and that you can receive the minimum 10Mbps speed. Should installation not be possible, no charge will apply.

We have an aggressive rollout plan over the next few years to expand our service to new locations. Contact us today to discuss how we could revolutionise your community with high speed broadband.

As part of our services we optionally provide a Home Phone Service. Our telephony services generally permit access to the emergency services. However, they are Internet telephony services, and these are dependent on your connection to a suitable data network (such as the data services we offer), the operation of that data network, and operation of your equipment (which will not function in the event of a power outage unless you have suitable battery backup equipment). If you do not have a connection to a suitable data network, or your data network or equipment is not functioning correctly (including where we or another provider have suspended your data services e.g. because of non-payment), you will not be able to use the telephony services, including for the purposes of making calls to the emergency services. You must consider this and made appropriate arrangements. We will, where possible, pass your location information to the emergency services. This location will be the location you have informed us the service is used from.