How It Works


Due to ease and speed of installation, we connect the vast majority of customers via wireless. A small rectangular device or dish (depending on distance from our mast) is placed on the exterior of your property which connects to a LonsdaleNET mast using line of sight technology. From the device a 6mm cable runs into your property to connect to a router. Customers using this method receive 10-60Mbps symmetrical (download and upload) dependant on the distance from our mast with an average connection speed of 35Mbps. Future upgrades will allow up to 150Mbps.


Fibre to the Premise (FTTP) is the most future proofed technology available due to the ability to increase speeds simply by upgrading equipment at either end of the fibre optic cable, where possible we look to connect customers via this method. Customers receive 100Mbps or 1,000Mbps via this method (capped to 10Mbps if on the Lite package).

Currently, due to high deployment costs, which often include significant civil engineering work, we only offer this service to premises near where we have laid fibre optic cable to connect one of our wireless masts. We do however look to deploy this service to areas where we have a high number of existing wireless customers or communities who can demonstrate significant demand for our products, to connect customers using this method from day one.

Inside Your Home

The following diagram shows how your devices can be connected. We provide a wireless router to connect to our wireless and fibre networks within your property.

Phone Service

As part of some of our packages or as a standalone product, we offer a phone service*. Existing numbers can be ported over to us** without the need to retain your existing phone line and thus the associated cost. International calls are also significantly cheaper with calls to major destinations for as little as 1p per minute. Also included are many of the features often only available for an additional cost with other providers such as Caller Display, Call Waiting and Voicemail.

The service can work either by plugging an existing phone into your LonsdaleNET router (free) or through the purchase of our dedicated handsets (£75.00 for the base and 1st handset and £25 for each additional handset). We recommend the purchase of our handsets which have been designed specifically for the type of phone service we offer and feature excellent sound quality along with integration with our service giving you information such as the number of voicemail messages you have.