Frequently Asked Questions


Can you serve me and what speeds am I likely to get?
For our wireless service, we can only determine this for sure on installation as line of sight is required to one of our masts. Our average customer speed is 35Mbps. We only connect customers if we can deliver a minimum of 10Mbps and no charge is applicable if we abandon an install, which is unable to achieve our minimum speed.

For fibre, please use our availability checker or contact us for more information.
Can you bring service to my area?
We are constantly looking to expand our network. If you are interested in helping, please contact us. If you can generate enough demand, we may look to bring service to your area.
How do I speed test my connection?
We recommend using
The icon in my taskbar says I am connected at 100Mbps or 54Mbps. Is that correct?
This is your connection speed to your router or switch locally within your property, rather than your speed out to the internet so while it is technically correct, this is not the speed you should be comparing broadband services with. We recommend you use to determine your connection speed.


Can I use my existing router?
We provide a router as part of installation but if you wish to use another router, you are free to do. Our technical support staff will not be able to support you with this however. Your router must be a cable style WAN router with an RJ45 port for the WAN interface and support PPPoE authentication. The installation engineer will provide you with your username and password as part of installation that you can then enter into your router. We do not discount the installation cost should you provide your own router.
What is the installation cost?
For wireless, we charge a one off installation fee of £149.95 which includes 15m of cabling into your property. We can discount the installation by 50% if you take a 2 year contract.

Fibre connections are generally installed free of charge with the availability of a Government grant but subject to survey and may incur additional construction charges.
If multiple people in my area wish to sign up, can you reduce the installation price?
Yes! It is much easier for us to perform bulk installations in a village or area all at once and we would be happy to reduce installation costs to reflect savings we make by doing this. This option is great for Parish Councils who wish to promote our services. Contact us for more information.
Can I choose where the engineer installs any exterior equipment and places the router?
Our engineer will discuss the best location for any exterior equipment with you when he arrives at your property. While we will try to position equipment where you wish, this may not always be possible due to the line of sight requirement to our mast, location of trunk fibre cables, etc. The engineer will also try to bring the cable into your property where you wish to have your router and will discuss this with you. All routers must be installed on the inside of an exterior wall as our cabling cannot be run internally. Please note that there is a 15m cable run limit and any longer runs may incur additional installation costs.
What equipment do I need?
Other than a device(s) capable of connecting either a wired Ethernet or a wireless connection, we provide all equipment to get you online.
Who owns the equipment provided as part of installation?
We retain ownership of any devices / cabling placed on the exterior of your premises along with cabling to the termination socket and the power injector. This allows us to replace any of this should a fault develop. The router we provide belongs to you and comes with a 12 month warranty after which you are responsible for replacing it should it fail. We supply new routers and support only those provided by us. Any equipment purchased as part of installation or post installation from us (such as phone handsets, etc) are your property which we support for the standard 12 month warranty period.
Do I need a migration code from my current supplier to move to you?
Our system operates independently of the Openreach network and thus does not require any migration code. Your existing service can simply be cancelled after installation.
At what point can I cancel my existing broadband and landline phone services?
As soon as we have installed your connection, your existing broadband service can be cancelled. If you have chosen to migrate your Phone Service to us, you need to wait until your phone number has been transferred across to us until you cancel this otherwise your current phone number may be lost. This generally takes 1-2 weeks and we will inform you of your transfer date. If your transfer has been successful, you can then contact who you pay line rental and calls to and cancel services with them. It is your responsibility to honour any contracts you may have with your current provider(s).
What if I do not own the premises?
It is your responsibility to gain permission from the owner of the premises prior to the day we come to install your service.
Do I need planning permission, etc for the device placed on the exterior of my building?
Generally not although if you are in a conservation area, live in a listed building, or some other property restricted area, it is advisable you check with the appropriate authorities prior to when we come to install your service. It is your responsibility to gain permission should this be required.
How quickly can you connect me?
For wireless or where a fibre connection / ducting exists to your property, we aim to have you connected within 14 days of ordering our service, often much sooner. If we need to do any work such as digging ducting / cabling to your property, this may take a little longer - contact us for more information.

Internet Services

How reliable is your network?
Very reliable. We maintain a network with built in redundancy to keep you online and our customers enjoy uptime in excess of 99.99%. Should any problems occur, our team of engineers are on hand 24/7.
Does the weather affect the wireless signal and thus speeds I receive?
Generally not. In some of the worst conditions, we have only ever seen a 5% drop in speeds over our network. This does not apply to our fibre optic delivered services.
How secure is your wireless technology?
All our wireless transmissions are secured by industry standard industrial strength 256 bit AES encryption known as WPA2 along with several other measures to protect data transmitted over our network. This does not apply to our fibre optic delivered services.
I plan to keep my existing internet connection which uses wireless alongside your service. Will it interfere with your wireless equipment?
Our service will happily work alongside an existing broadband service. The exterior wireless equipment that connects to our transmission sites operates on different frequencies to your home wireless equipment so will not interfere. Our router will also generally not interfere as multiple usable frequencies exist to allow both your current router and your LonsdaleNET router to co-exist. We do however recommend some distance is placed between both routers.
What if I reach my download allowance / fair usage amount?
On the Lite package, your connection will be speed restricted until the following month - we will NOT charge you for going over but may upgrade your package if you exceed your limit on a continual basis. All of our other services are unlimited.
Can I upgrade / downgrade my package at any time?
If you are out of any contract, yes! Just contact our office to arrange this. No charges apply for making the change and it will apply from the next billing period.
Does your service come with a static IP Address?
Will you be my Internet Service Provider (ISP)?
Yes. As well as owning the infrastructure to deliver our services, we effectively operate as an ISP on the network to provide you with services.
How well does your service work with online gaming such as Xbox Live and the Playstation Network?
Very well. Our network has super low ping rates with an average to most of the UK of 10-30ms which is ideal for gaming and video calling services such as Skype.
Does your service work with mobile phone boosters and WiFi Calling?
Yes. Vodafone SureSignal, O2 Boostbox, EE Signal Box and Three Home Signal boosters (femtocells) along with WiFi calling provided by all the networks that offer this functionality has been confirmed to work with our service.

Internet Services

What about my landline?
You don't need a landline as our service operates independently either via wireless using a device fixed to the exterior of your premises or using our own fibre optic cable to your premises. Your landline can be cancelled after installation should you choose. If you wish to keep your landline, our service will not interfere with this as it works through a completely separate technology. Our service includes a phone service delivered over our network which your current number can be transferred.
How does your Phone Service work?
Your existing phone simply connects to one of the ports on our router. Alternatively, we sell dedicated cordless phones configured and integrated with our network giving you the best possible experience.
Can I keep my existing number when using your Phone Service?
In most cases, yes. Simply complete the required paperwork and for a one off payment of £30.00 including VAT, we can transfer most numbers over to our service within 1-2 weeks. Numbers from a small number of providers cannot be transferred but we will advise you of this at the point of request. We also allow you to have a new number if you do not have a number to transfer which costs a one off payment of £10.00.
What features are supported with your phone service?
Caller Display, Call Waiting and Voicemail are included free of charge. Call Diversion is available simply by paying the call costs as if you were directly phoning these numbers, which can be enabled via the customer portal.
Can I keep my current email address?
Free services like GMail, Yahoo and Outlook (Live / Hotmail) that are independent of your current provider will work fine. If provided by your current service provider, please contact them. Most permit continued use after leaving but some may charge, in which case we would recommend switching to one of the free services mentioned above.
Do you provide email addresses?
We believe that other companies such as Google with GMail who specialise in this area are best placed to provide you with such services and do so free of charge. A major advantage of such services is they are Internet Service Provider (ISP) independent meaning you can continue to use them regardless of which ISP you move to.


How will I be billed for my connection?

After installation has completed, our engineer will take a Credit or Debit card payment for the installation, any equipment purchased and the subscription cost for the remainder of the month.

Ongoing service bills are generated on the 1st of every month for that month of internet access, along with any calls made over our phone service in the previous month, outside inclusive allowances. Payments are collected via Direct Debit on or around the 14th of the month. We cannot change the Direct Debit date as we are charged per collection batch so collect all customer payments on a single day each month.

What if I wish to cancel?
We are sure you will be satisfied with our services but in the unlikely event you wish to cancel, if you are outside any contract period, simply give us 30 days notice, as noted in the Terms and Conditions. If you are within a contract, simply notify us 30 days before the end of your contract. You can optionally use our cancellation form.


What if I have a complaint?
Please see our Customer Complaints Code.
Got any more questions?
No problem. Just call us on 01768 254254 or email E-Mail Address