About Us

Encompassing a mixture of investment, business and technical expertise, LonsdaleNET was formed with the aim of improving broadband speeds, mainly in rural areas, starting within the Eden Valley in Cumbria.

Our mission is to provide high speed, reliable broadband internet access giving you exactly what you pay for. Our dedicated and professional team are here to deliver - what we offer is what you get and that is our promise.

Our Team

John Robson - Business Development Director
John has many years of business experience and alongside his role in LonsdaleNET is a Director of Robson and Liddle, one of the UK's leading Chartered Surveyors, Land Agents and Valuers. His role within the company focuses on strategy and business development.

Craig Brass - Technical Director
With many years of experience in IT and networking, Craig leads all things technical within the company from coverage expansion to keeping our network running smoothly. His past experience includes setting up the first next generation fixed wireless network within Cumbria in a small village near Appleby, which created a test bed network on which to form LonsdaleNET.

Lord Lonsdale - Non Executive Director
Owner of the Lonsdale Estate within Cumbria, Lord Lonsdale is the primary investor of LonsdaleNET. Struggling with poor broadband for many years, Lord Lonsdale made the business decision to improve things for the community starting in the Eden Valley.

Our Network

Connected to multiple providers at a major internet "hub" in Manchester (one of two major internet backbone locations in the country), a fibre optic cable, dedicated to our use, connects a number of our core wireless transmission sites to the world wide web at speeds of 10Gbps (10,000Mbps). These sites either serve customers directly or provide microwave links to repeater sites allowing us to expand our network coverage.

We use state of the art next generation smart wireless technology to connect our customers at high speed to the internet. Our transmission devices are capable of 300Mbps split between users connected to that sector. We ensure small numbers of customers connect to each sector to maintain high speeds even at peak times. Further sectors are added to our transmission sites along with new repeater sites as customer numbers grow. Future upgrades to 3rd generation wireless in a few years will permit 800Mbps per sector.

All our transmission sites are monitored 24/7 and are backed up with battery power should anything fail. Generators are available to keep sites operational through longer periods of disruption.

Should any of our sites fail, engineers are also available 24/7 armed with spare equipment that can be swapped out quickly to keep our customers online.