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LonsdaleNET uses state of the art fibre optic and wireless technologies to supply reliable high speed broadband internet connections, often in rural locations, which other providers have left behind.

If you live within the coverage area of one of our wireless masts, or close to one of our fibre connection points shown on our website, we could get you connected to a new generation of speed.

How It Works


Due to ease and speed of installation, we connect the vast majority of our customers via wireless. This simply involves placing a small rectangular device or dish (depending on distance from our mast) to the exterior of your property, which connects to our transmitters using line of sight technology. A 6mm cable joins the device into your property. Customers using this method receive 10-60Mbps symmetrical (download and upload) dependant on the distance from our mast with an average connection speed of 35Mbps. Future upgrades will allow up to 150Mbps.


With Fibre to the Premise (FTTP) being the most future proofed technology available due to the ability to increase speeds simply by upgrading equipment at either end of the fibre optic cable, where possible we look to connect customers via this method. Customers receive 100Mbps or 1,000Mbps via this method (capped to 10Mbps if on the Lite package).

Currently, due to high deployment costs, which often include significant civil engineering work, we only offer this service to premises near where we have laid fibre optic cable to connect one of our wireless masts. We do however look to deploy this service to areas where we have a high number of existing wireless customers or communities who can demonstrate significant demand for our products, to connect customers using this method from day one.

Inside Your Home

The following diagram shows how your devices can be connected. We provide a wireless router to connect to our wireless and fibre networks within your property.

  1. Wired: The recommended method to connect devices such as desktop computers giving you the maximum speed available from your LonsdaleNET connection. Simply connect an Ethernet cable from our router to your device.
  2. Wireless: Useful for connecting laptops, tablet computers and phones, this method simply requires you to be in range of our wireless router and can be logged in using the password you choose during installation.
  3. Home Plugs: Where hard wiring an Ethernet cable is not possible e.g. wireless is not within reach, we can supply Home Plugs which uplink your connection onto the power grid within your property and output at multiple other locations on the same power grid. At the output location, you can either plug in a computer via an Ethernet cable using the port or, if using a wireless Home Plug, you can simply log onto the extended wireless signal. The initial kit including an uplink device and a wireless broadcast device are available from us for £70.00. Additional wireless broadcast devices are available for £35.00 each with up to 5 able to connect to the uplink device.

Phone Service

As part of some of our packages or as a standalone product, we offer a phone service*. Existing numbers can be ported over to us** without the need to retain your existing phone line and thus the associated cost. International calls are also significantly cheaper with calls to major destinations for as little as 1p per minute. Also included are many of the features often only available for an additional cost with other providers such as Caller Display, Call Waiting and Voicemail.

The service can work either by plugging an existing phone into your LonsdaleNET router (free) or through the purchase of our dedicated handsets (£75.00 for the base and 1st handset and £25 for each additional handset). We recommend the purchase of our handsets which have been designed specifically for the type of phone service we offer and feature excellent sound quality along with integration with our service giving you information such as the number of voicemail messages you have.


Our wireless technology requires line of sight (i.e. without obstacles such as trees, etc) to one of our transmission masts. The map below shows the area we are generally able to serve.

Available Now
Coming Soon
Under Consultation

If you are within this area, please call our friendly staff today who will be happy to profile your location to determine in more detail if we are able to serve you. Should you decide to book an installation, our engineers will perform a quick test at your property on the day of installation to confirm your property can be served and that you can receive the minimum 10Mbps speed. Should installation not be possible, no charge will apply.

We have an aggressive rollout plan over the next few years to expand our service to new locations.

Contact us today to discuss how we could revolutionise your community with high speed broadband.

Our Services


Our residential packages are ideal for watching catch-up TV (such as iPlayer), video services (such as YouTube), social networking (such as Facebook) and working from home.

Installation to our wireless network costs a one off fee of £149.95 inc VAT which includes installation of a small device to your property to receive a signal from our mast, up to 15m of cabling into your property and a wireless router. Fibre connection costs subject to distance to a connection point and survey. Once installed, you can choose from one of the following packages.


Our business packages are perfect for those areas higher speed internet access is unavailable or simply to reduce costs. The packages we offer are a great alternative to leased lines at much cheaper prices while maintaining all the benefits.

Installation to our wireless network costs a one off fee of £250.00 + VAT which includes installation of a small device to your building to receive a signal from our mast, up to 25m of cabling into your building and a wireless router. Once installed, you can choose from one of the following packages. Installation on fibre and faster speeds delivered over leased lines available on request.


With the recent significant price increases for services delivered via the Cumbria and Lancashire County Council Broadband Consortium (CLEO), we are able to offer equivalent services to schools more competitively. Please contact us for more information.

Terms and Conditions of our services are available by clicking here.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

Encompassing a mixture of investment, business and technical expertise, LonsdaleNET was formed with the aim of improving broadband speeds, mainly in rural areas, starting within the Eden Valley in Cumbria.

Our mission is to provide high speed, reliable broadband internet access giving you exactly what you pay for. Our dedicated and professional team are here to deliver - what we offer is what you get and that is our promise.

Our Team

John Robson - Business Development Director
John has many years of business experience and alongside his role in LonsdaleNET is the Managing Director of H&H Land and Property, one of the UK's leading Chartered Surveyors, Land Agents and Valuers. His role within the company focuses on strategy and business development.

Craig Brass - Technical Director
With many years of experience in IT and networking, Craig leads all things technical within the company from coverage expansion to keeping our network running smoothly. His past experience includes setting up the first next generation fixed wireless network within Cumbria in a small village near Appleby, which created a test bed network on which to form LonsdaleNET.

Lord Lonsdale - Non Executive Director
Owner of the Lonsdale Estate within Cumbria, Lord Lonsdale is the primary investor of LonsdaleNET. Struggling with poor broadband for many years, Lord Lonsdale made the business decision to improve things for the community starting in the Eden Valley.

Our Network

Connected to multiple providers at a major internet "hub" in Manchester (one of two major internet backbone locations in the country), a fibre optic cable, dedicated to our use, connects a number of our core wireless transmission sites to the world wide web at speeds of 1Gbps (1,000Mbps). These sites either serve customers directly or provide microwave links to repeater sites allowing us to expand our network coverage.

We use state of the art next generation smart wireless technology to connect our customers at high speed to the internet. Our transmission devices are capable of 300Mbps split between users connected to that sector. We ensure small numbers of customers connect to each sector to maintain high speeds even at peak times. Further sectors are added to our transmission sites along with new repeater sites as customer numbers grow. Future upgrades to 3rd generation wireless in a few years will permit 800Mbps per sector.

All our transmission sites are monitored 24/7 and are backed up with battery power should anything fail. Generators are available to keep sites operational through longer periods of disruption.

Should any of our sites fail, engineers are also available 24/7 armed with spare equipment that can be swapped out quickly to keep our customers online.

Contact Us

* Note regarding Emergency Calls: While our phone services support Emergency Calls, the location the emergency services respond to is the address where we provide service. As you can connect to our phone services from any internet connection, this location may not be where you currently are located. Also note that in the event of a power failure, unless you have a battery backup unit connected to your power injector, router, phone adaptor and phone, your phone service will not continue to function like a landline and thus you will not be able to make emergency calls.
** Please note a £30.00 one off charge applies for porting over existing telephone numbers. We can port most telephone numbers except some provided by Sky. Should a port not be possible, we will contact you to discuss alternatives. New numbers are free of charge.